What is Global Business Rank?

Consumers looking for a great deal on goods and services can have a hard time especially if they are looking for it online. The internet is filled with advertisements for businesses and services that promise you a lot of things, but more often than not, fail to follow through their promise.

But with Global Business Rank, the game will forever be changed as the site’s main service is to provide a safe and trustworthy place for consumers and business owners to communicate.

Global Business Rank is not exclusive to a single type of service. You can find a variety of services on the site arranged by state. So no matter where you are in the US, you can find a service that you know you can trust. Some of the services you can find on here include:

  • Home & Office Services
  • Home Décor
  • Contractors
  • Designers and Architects
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • And others

Our staff makes sure that all businesses creating an account on our site is legitimate by checking everything they can find about the business. Once they determine that the service is legitimate, it is then posted on the site, ready to promote.

Global Business Rank for Business Owners

Word of mouth is a great way to promote any type of service you are offering. We took this into consideration and decided to amplify the good words your customers have spoken, and allowed customers to rate and review your service right on the site itself.

After the verification process has been said and done and your business page is finally up on the site, potential customers can see your page and read the reviews left by former customers.

Our staff regularly checks these comments if they are spam or legitimate to ensure that your business is getting the good word out there and not the false claims of others.

An advantage of having a star rating system is that the higher the rating, the higher your business will be placed on the search results for your type of service.

This puts you right at eye level of your potential customer, and thus gives you a better chance of finding business. But of course, in order to get that type of rating, you have to prove it to your customers.

What’s more, each business can showcase the following information on their page:

  • Complete business address
  • Link to business website
  • Contact number
  • Overall star rating
  • Reviews from customers
  • Location Map

Aside from that, you can also post pictures of your business as well accepted payment options that are accepted as links to your business’ social media pages.

Global Business Rank for Consumers

Global Business Rank is here to help consumers find a trusted service that can be found in your area and will fit your budget.

You can check out their detailed service description to get a good idea on what they can offer you. Some pages will also include a brief history about their business. You can then check out their gallery to get an idea on some of their finished projects and what their office looks like, and finally if you are still unconvinced, check out their external links.

Once you’re ready to communicate with the business owner, use the instant messaging feature to fully discuss what and how you want the service to be done. It’s safe to use for both parties and consumers don’t have to leave their personal contact number with the service unless they are absolutely sure they want to go through with the transaction.

After you discuss and work, you can then meet up and they will provide their services to you. Once that’s done, you can then go back to Global Business Rank and rate and review their service.

This step is important as it not only gives the business the recognition it deserves, it also lets other customers know how they conduct their service from the perspective of another client.

But consumers must know that any inaccurate information they post or if they decide to spam the page, it can and will be removed as it is our job to ensure that both consumers and business owners are well taken care of.

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Globl Business Rank is a website that is easy to use. If you already have a business in mind, you can type their name on the search bar and check out their ratings, or if you’re still choosing, you can go through the list of that particular service for your state.

No fuss and no worry that is the Global Business Rank promise to consumers. As for business owners, Sign up today. The service is free! So think of it as free advertising for your business with all the added benefits and so much more.

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